Shipping costs are based on the actual shipping rates from The UPS Store or U.S. Post Office, plus the cost of packing and shipping materials, and shipping insurance (required).  I generally ship via UPS Ground, which is cheaper, unless it's a rush order.  Larger sizes (30"+) MUST SHIP UPS GROUND to be cost-effective for you.  I do not currently use FedEx but can use their drop-off location if you email a label to me.

Each plaque is wrapped in Kraft paper and the inside of the box is packed with paper, bubble wrap, or air pockets.  On very few occasions plaques have been damaged in transit.  Please contact me immediately if yours arrives damaged in any way.  I will submit an insurance claim to the carrier and you will receive another plaque at no charge.

If you have your own UPS account or have
Third Party Billing available to you with cheaper rates,
please let me know before invoicing.
It is much cheaper to ship two or more plaques
together in the same box via UPS Ground,
so combine orders if you can.

I am in California.  Shipping times via UPS Ground are as follows:

Within CA = 1 business day
North Pacific = 2 business days
West = 2-3 business days
Southwest = 2-4 business days
Midwest = 4-5 business days
South = 5 business days
Northeast = 5 business days

*Business days do not include Saturday or Sunday*

Contact me with any questions regarding shipping.

** UPS  significantly increased shipping rates in January 2015 **
Channa Pender,
Jan 8, 2015, 3:30 PM